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Bali, Indonesia 2019
  1. Irrigation Tunneling in Ancient Indonesia (Historical Perspective)
  2. Analysis on Dujiangyan Irrigation System and its sustainable development experience
  3. Research on Water Conservancy Legislation and Related Issues in Xixia
  4. Water Supply and Water demand – a model for a better understanding of the Assyrian settlements along the Lower Habur River
  5. Characteristics and Values of Irrigation Historical Sustainability in China
  6. Historical Water Sustainability: A Case Study of the PHAD Irrigation System of Maharashtra State, India
  7. Institutional Setup of Irrigation and drainage in Afghanistan
  8. International Workshop on Historical Water Sustainability
  9. Historical Water sustainability in Iran: Lessons Learned
  10. Good Practices
  11. Reservoir regulations in 1662 by the Government of Joseon Dynasty, Korea
  12. World Water System Heritage (WWaSH) Program - A Proposal by ICID
  13. Technology transfer and water sustainability - Experiences of Japan
  14. Research on Jiangxiyan Irrigation System

Montpellier, France 2015

  1. Sustainable Irrigation in South Africa: Evidence from History by Lani van Vuuren
    and Gerhard Backeberg
  2. History of Water Crisis in Thailand and its Preparation for the 2015 Drought by Chaiwat Prechawit


  1. Irrigation tunneling in ancient Indonesia - Historical perspective (VPH A. Hafied A. Gany, Indonesia)
  2. Historical background of some present flood management plans in Hungary and in the Netherlands (VP László G. Hayde, Hungary
  3. What did hydraulic engineers know in the early 18th century? Taking a look at the proposal of Burchard Christof Von Muennich (Klaus Röttcher, Germany
  4. The Beemster - A drained lake since 400 years (PH Em. Bart Schultz, Netherlands)

  1. Tradition and Modernity  -  New Ways for an efficient Water Management, von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Röttcher
  2. A Brief Introduction to: The International Conference on Traditional Knowledge for Water Resources Management (TKWRM 2012) 
  3. ICID Congress History Conference - An Introduction to the International Center on Qanats and Historic Hydraulic Structures, A. A. Semsar Yazdi  
  4. History Seminar – Using Traditional Methods in Modern Water Management Systems, Bijan Farhangi   


An Outlook of Infrastructural Heritages of Irrigation in Indonesia (VPH A.Hafied A. Gany)